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let's waste time chasing cars around our heads
The Golden Floor 
z; how to save a life
The Wishes: Playlist of upbeat, energetic music with a beat
5-7 kick-ass songs
Playlist, upbeat/inspirational songs for running
Playlist, 5 to 10 of your favourite songs to dance or work out to
Mix Notes: I'm cheating big-time with this one, but when I started to think about fills for these wishes there was a lot of overlap in the songs I was thinking about, so I'm hoping that's okay? To make up for it there is quite a bit of music :) The original version of this mix was actually a playlist I put together for a Pride float last summer, so it's pretty unabashedly campy. Also, well, gay. When I asked my group for input, they got as far as "fighting back, but, like, fun!" I took that away and came back with...this.
Content Notes: General overcoming of adversity? Also dancing. Lots of dancing.

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t - ga; love
The wish: Playlist, songs which represent siblings/found family relationships
Mix notes: I met my sister when I was 15 (she was 23) and she basically adopted me, and when I left home less than a year later she was the person who looked out for me and kept me more or less out of trouble and got me through the rest of high school in one piece. I am spending this Christmas quite geographically distant from her, and from the rest of my found family (alas, not by choice), and am having all the feels about it, and the result is...this. One part finding somewhere to belong, one part fighting for each other, one part showing up at 3am when your life is falling apart. I hope you find something here that resonates with you, wisher, and happy holidays!
Content note: No warnings that I can think of...is angst a warning? Definitely some angst. Also warm fuzzies though! I haven't watched all the videos all the way through so I can't warn for video content.
Side note: As it is not a song I can't really include it in this mix, but Grey's Anatomy is hands-down my favourite TV show for representations of found family relationships. If that's something you look for in media and you're not already watching it I thoroughly recommend it :) If you want to jump in somewhere, start with the season 2 Christmas episode, Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer (ep# 212)

P!nk - Runaway
I might have nowhere left to go
But I know that I cannot go home
These words are trapped inside my head
Tell me to run before I'm dead
Chase the rainbows in my mind
And I will try to stay alive

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8th-Jan-2013 01:05 am - womankind, arise!
z; sister suffragette
This is a rather belated fill for insmallpackages, for the wish Music with explicitly feminist and/or queer lyrics. As usual I began with enthusiasm and the intention of finishing before the holidays, and then...well. I may have got a little carried away. Music and feminism are two of my favourite things, and I had a great deal of fun putting this together. I have a pretty flexible definition of feminism, but I hope, wisher, that there is something in here that you enjoy!

Content warnings: this is feminism, and there are lyrics that address some tough stuff, including sexism, racism, and body image. There is also a section of music that specifically addresses domestic violence and violence against women, which is under a spoiler cut for those who may be triggered.

And without further ado, we begin with the song that introduced me to feminism, many many years ago...

glynis johns - sister suffragette
we're clearly soldiers in petticoats
and dauntless crusaders for women's votes!

i always knew you were one of us!Collapse )
t - ga; love
Title: Secrets
Artist: primalmusic
Fandom: Sports Night
Characters/Pairings: Danny/Casey
Rating/Category: PG13/Slash
Summary: My entry for smallfandombang: a fanmix for the fic How Much You Mean It by sarcasticsra
Notes No warnings that I can think of; I had a lot of fun with this, and I hope you enjoy!

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23rd-Aug-2011 11:55 pm - if there's a rocket tie me to it
t - ga; love
i said i knew the beat cause it matched your own beat
it's become my engine my own source of heat
the sea between us only amplifies the sound waves
every hum and echo and crash paints my cave

a fire a fire you can only take what you can carry
a pulse your pulse it's the only thing i can remember
i break you don't i was always set to self destruct though
the fire the fire it cracks and barks like primal music
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